Certificate of Attendence 2014-01-01
As a token of recognition, an ID-sized certificate is to be issued by RCHK to all trainees who have completed training activities relating to resuscitation via RCHK institutional members.

The coding on the top right hand corner represents :

​   1st 3 digit = organisation; e.g. 001 stands for AMS
001 Auxiliary Medical Service
002 College of Surgeons of Hong Kong
003 Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists
004 Hong Kong College of Cardiology
005 Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine
006 Hong Kong College of Family Physicians
007 Hong Kong Red Cross
008 Hong Kong St. John Ambulance
009 Hong Kong Society for Emergency Medicine and Surgery
010 Scout Association of Hong Kong
011 The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association
012 The Hong Kong Life Saving Society
013 The Hong Kong Private Hospitals Association
​   4th and 5th digits stands for type of course; e.g. 01 stands for BLS
01 Basic Life Support
02 Advanced Life Support
​   6-9th digits stands for year and month of the course; e.g. May 13 = 1305